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CMO online store
The CMO online store is currently open!    Lots of...
Cookes Skate Supply
To all Central Mass Outlaws Players and Coaches:     In...
October Saves
O3 Sani Sport
O3 Sani Sport   Sanitize - Disinfect - Protect   O3 Sani...
registration insurance
Post registration link for Regsaver if not elected at the time of...

CMO online store

The CMO online store is currently open! 


Lots of in stock items

  • socks
  • practice jerseys
  • helmet stickers
  • car stickers
  • skate soakers
  • hats of all kinds - baseball, winter, etc
  • dryfit shirts
  • workout shorts


Please note that anything custom listed below can take 4-6 weeks.

  • anything embroidered with name/number
  • warm-ups
  • equipment bags
  • pant shells
  • game jerseys (can take up to 12 weeks)


ALL orders will be distributed directly to families as they are avaialable.  We do not ship any orders.


Thank you!



by posted 10/15/2019
Cookes Skate Supply
To all Central Mass Outlaws Players and Coaches:
In need of any apparel, protective gear, skates or sticks?

Cookes skate supply in Wilmington MA has a special offer to all Central Mass Outlaws families.  Everything in the store will be discounted at least 10% with certain items up to 50%.   All models from prior years will be discounted between 15% - 50% off.
Cookes offers everything for your hockey needs including helmets , gloves, sticks, skates and even any apparel or accessories will be on sale.  Cookes offers custom skate fittings and extensive repairs as well.
Be sure you mention CMO and Coaches Ripa & Rogers to ensure the proper discount!
Hope to see you guys soon and pleasure to bring exclusive offers to all in the future. 
446 Main Street, Wilmington MA

Mon - Thurs 9:30am - 7pm

Fri  9:30am - 6pm

Sat 9am - 5pm

Sun 12pm - 4pm




by posted 10/09/2019
October Saves


Every poke check and glove save our registered goalies make beginning October 1st thru October 31st will not only help their team win a game but it can also help raise money to fight cancer.  

All proceeds benefit women’s and pediatric cancer research and youth goalie development programs.

Fundraising efforts helped October Saves raise an amazing $270,000 for cancer research in 2018

Cole Seeton - 11U PeeWee Minor Elite 
Joey Fisher - 12U PeeWee Major Elite
Will Flynn12U PeeWee Major Elite
Alex Welburn - 12U EMHL PeeWee Major 
Jonathan Nicolopoulos - 13U Bantam Minor Elite

To support the CMO goalies please visit find a goalie on the October Saves website


by posted 09/22/2019
O3 Sani Sport

O3 Sani Sport


Sanitize - Disinfect - Protect


O3 Sani Sport at The New England Sports Center is pleased to offer access to the same sanitizing and disinfecting process currently used by 28 NHL teams, 17 NFL teams, 6 MLB teams and over 165 law enforcement and military agencies. During a 12-minute cycle our technology has been proven to kill 98% of bacteria, including MRSA and 100% of viruses found living in protective equipment. Using an all-natural gas with strong oxidizing properties, Ozone opens sports equipment fibers and kills germs 3200 times faster and is 150 times stronger than chlorine bleach.


For more information please visit the O3 Sani Sport website or email . Be sure to tell them you are a CMO player!



by posted 09/17/2019
registration insurance

Post registration link for Regsaver if not elected at the time of registration is available using the link below.


Premium is 7% of your registration price/ticket cost. Subject to exclusions and limitations, Regsaver covers the following unforeseen perils:

  • Illness
  • Injury (on or off the field)
  • Uninhabitable Residence
  • Active Military Service (parents/guardian)
  • Involuntary Job Transfer (parents/guardian)



by posted 09/01/2019

by posted 09/04/2018