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O3 Sani Sport
O3 Sani Sport   Sanitize - Disinfect - Protect   O3 Sani...

O3 Sani Sport

O3 Sani Sport


Sanitize - Disinfect - Protect


O3 Sani Sport at The New England Sports Center is pleased to offer access to the same sanitizing and disinfecting process currently used by 28 NHL teams, 17 NFL teams, 6 MLB teams and over 165 law enforcement and military agencies. During a 12-minute cycle our technology has been proven to kill 98% of bacteria, including MRSA and 100% of viruses found living in protective equipment. Using an all-natural gas with strong oxidizing properties, Ozone opens sports equipment fibers and kills germs 3200 times faster and is 150 times stronger than chlorine bleach.


For more information please visit the O3 Sani Sport website or email . Be sure to tell them you are a CMO player!



by posted 09/17/2019

by posted 09/04/2018