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2011 Outlaws Summer Program
by posted 04/04/2022

2011 Outlaws Summer Program


We hope that you are enjoying your Spring and off season. The PHL has made some changes to parity and as a result, Coach Bob would like to have the boys participate in a Summer program to keep their legs moving and get to know each other.
The Summer Program would consist of 2 parts: Summer Middle School League (SMSL) at NESC and then 4-6 practice sessions before parity on August 26-28
NESC Summer Middle School League (SMSL)
The NESC SMSL is a 12 week league starting in May 2 and running through the beginning of August. With the Middle School League  being 5th - 8th grade, our boys will start in a lower division due to age, but can parity up within the first 3 games. It is games only, with games being played on Wednesdays or Thursdays each week. 
4-6 Practices Before Parity
With the PHL changing parity from a 4 weeks parity to a weekend (August 26-28th), Coach would like to fine turn the boys a few weeks prior to give them the best opportunity to parity up. We do not have dates of the practices yet, but will keep you posted by mid June / July as NESC provides with available ice times to choose from. 
We do understand its summer and people vacation and have plans, so if you cannot make a game, please email Coach Gino at ginod@milfordceramictile.com. 
Please email Coach Gino to confirm your participation in the Summer Program by April 20th and venmo $350 to: @ginodigiallonardo 
If you have any questions regarding the summer, please feel free to contact  Coach Gino via email at ginod@milfordceramictile.com or cell at 508-922-7036. 

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