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by posted 11/01/2022


I hope you are doing well. Here are a few quick updates on the schedule and season

These details will also be posted on our team page on the Outlaws website if you can't locate the email.



Summary Of Events:

  • Regular Season Schedule: No Changes - Schedule Updated - Details Below
  • Practice Schedule: Change For JP Next Week - Adjustment for JP and Dryland Update - See Below
  • Jay Peak Tournament: Games Schedule Out  - Details Below
  • Cast of Characters: For the new families, who is what for our team and the Outlaws.



Regular Season Schedule: Schedule Released 

With the regular schedule in full swing, we are anticipating a few minor changes in the upcoming weeks as the PHL and Outlaws are trying to consolidate some of the travel games to minimize travel to and from long distances. We will find out if they are successful in their attempt. Ice availability will have the greatest impact. Please watch for changes and if any doubt, please check the team page on the Outlaws Website. If any questions reach out to a coach. 

We placed in the Premier National Divison, which is the top tier of the PHL. The following teams will be in our division: Connecticut Chiefs, Maine Wild, North Suburban Wings, Mass Bag Chiefs and the Wachusett Wolfpack. This should be a very competitive season for us. . 


Practice Schedule: Dryland Training

We have practice on Wednesday and Thursday this week.  Next week, we only have practice on Wednesday because we have JP on Thursday. There is no Dryland until Nov 17. Dryland will run for about 20 minutes after practice upstairs between rinks 7-8. 

Our schedule will show both Skills and Practices. Our Skills clinic run by the Outlaws and they appear to be on Monday Nights - There is no dryland training after skills.

Our practices will be on Wednesdays and Thursday for now (and may change), but please have you player pack sneakers and workout shorts for dryland training after the 1st practice of each week. If there is only 1 practice for a particular week, then dryland training will follow. 

In the event, the 1st practice ends after 8pm, then dryland training will pushed to the 2nd practice. In the event the 2nd practice ends after 8pm, then there will be no dryland training for the week. 

Our practice and skills schedule has been posted through the end of November on the Outlaws website.

Here is the link to the team page: https://www.leagueathletics.com/Schedule.asp?org=Outlaws

We are the 11U/2011 PeeWee Minor Premier


Jay Peak Tournament: November 10-13, 2022

Game Schedule Released for JP Tournament:

Thursday, Nov 10 at 7:10pm - @Beaver Pond vs Maine Jr Black Bears
Friday, Nov 11 at 5:30pm - @Alligator Alley vs Yale
Saturday, Nov 12 at 5:30pm - @Alligator Alley vs Woburn
Sunday, Nov 13 at TBD:
 - 9 vs 10 at 7am
 - 7 vs 8 at 8:10am
 - 5 vs 6 at 9:20am
 - 3 vs 4 at 11:40am
 - 1 vs 2 at 3:10pm

At this point, your rooms should be booked - All Tourney Fees are paid Thank you.

We are confirmed for Jay Peak!! They are holding 11 cottages for us in the Timberland Cottage Area. If more are needed, they will add them to our package. We strongly suggest that you book your rooms ASAP!! I believe that take a credit card on file, but there are no charges until 14 days before the tournament when the schedule is released. We will have more details on Team Events and Activities. Please watch for emails and messages from Sarah Gross (Team Mom).

Tournament Fee: $125 Per Player - Venmo: ginodigiallonardo by October 1, 2022

Here are the details to book your room:


TEAM NAME: CM Outlaws Peewee A/B

DATES OF BLOCK: 11/10-13/2022


We are holding 11 Units for your team in the Timberline Cottages at this time, however they can call to reserve there lodging of choice. 


Attached please find the rate grid for your 2022/2023 Event


Team members when calling to the resort at 800-451-4449 will need to mention the above listed Reference number so that we can ensure they are reserving into the correct block.


Rooms are available at a Hockey discount for a stay of 2 nights or longer when lodging in the Golf and Mountain and Timberline units.


Vermont has a 9% Rooms and Meals Tax

Jay Peak Resort has a $27.00 per day Resort fee plus tax


Rooms are held until 30 days prior to arrival at that time any units not picked up by the team will be released.  Please call to reserve prior to this time in order to be reserved with the team.


Deposit policy-  All reservations must have a valid credit card applied at the time of booking. Deposits are automatically taken at 14 days prior to arrival.  Deposit required is 50% if the reservation stay.


Cancellation/Changes policy-  Once at the 14 days prior to arrival the deposit does become nonrefundable any changes made to the reservation such as releasing an extra night would be subject to the cancellation policy which would be 50% of the night released.

In the event that the tournament is cancelled any deposit policies will be waived.

Balance of reservation is due upon arrival.



Cast of Characters: Who is Who

Bob Cardin: Head Coach: Bob plans and runs plractices and makes all ice decisions
Brian O'Malley: Asst Coach: Brian helps Bob run drills during practice and helps behind the bench during games
Chuck Lazaros: Asst Coach: Chucks helps Bob run drills during practice and help the Defense line changes during the games
Gino DiGiallonardo: Asst Coach/Manager: I help Bob run drills during practice (not really, but I try) and I help with the Forward line changes during games. In addition, I help with parent communication, help with non-ice related parent issues during the season, and team events
Sarah Gross: Team Mom: Sarah organizes team events during the season, tournament swag bags, and so much more. If you are interested in helping with team activities, please reach out to Sarah
Karen Wojo: Outlaws Registrar - She can help with payments, registration issues, etc
Kim L: Outlaws Merch Provider - Kim handles any outlaws merch orders...i.e. jerseys, website swag orders, etc.

If you have any questions, please drop me a line and I am more than happy to help.


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Summer Practice Schedule
by posted 06/30/2022


As part of our summer program, we have secured practice ice and we have a rough dates for Outlaws practice dates:

** Attendance is strongly recommended **

Practice #1 - Full Ice - Wednesday, August 10 from 6pm - 6:50pm - Rink 1

Practice #2 - Full Ice - Thursday, August 11 from 7pm - 7:50pm - Rink 1

Practice #3 - Full Ice - Monday, August 15th from 5pm - 5:50pm - Rink 1

Practice #4 - Full Ice - Wednesday, August 17th from 7:10pm 8pm - Rink 5

Outlaws Practice 1 - 1/2 Sheet - August 22nd - Time TBD

Outlaws Practice 2 - 1/2 Sheet - August 24th - Time TBD


Please note that dates and times are subject to change, but these are critical practices as we have parity weekend from August 26 - 28th. 

These dates are posted on the Outlaws Team Page as well. 



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