The Central Mass Outlaws play league games in the PHL of New England. There are almost 30 programs that have teams in the PHL in multiple divisions. Travel is generally between 1 and 3 hours from NESC.

The PHL follows all USAH Rules and Regulations for game play. Some league rules may supersede USAH rules.


"The Premier" mission is to showcase and develop hockey players in an effort to help them realize their potential as athletes along with being valued members of their community. The League will help promote respect, courtesy and good sportsmanship among all teams participating inclusive of players, coaches, parents and fans.


Parity Games

  • placement in Premier or Elite divisions
  • all teams and players are required to participate
  • ages 14U and younger
  • generally played the last weekend in August
  • regular season games will start the weekend following Labor Day Weekend
  • teams 15U and older do not participate in Parity

Regular Season

  • The regular season generally starts games the weekend following Labor Day weekend
  • games can be played on Friday, Saturday or Sunday
  • 14U age group is comprised of 2 separate half seasons, Fall and Winter, each will have playoffs
  • The number of games played will vary by age group and division

Game Periods

ALL teams regular season:

  • 3 periods per game
  • 15 minutes each period
  • each team (home/away) is allowed 1 time out per game
  • no running the clock

League Penalty Minutes

Minor Penalty: 1:30 Minutes

Major Penalty: 4 Minutes

Misconduct Penalty: 8 Minutes

Penalty Reminders

Fighting Major: automatic 3 game suspension (USAH is 1 game, PHL is 3 games)

4 penalties in 1 game: player receives a GM and is suspended 1 game

2 Game Misconducts in 1 season: player is unable to attend practice or games until an intervention hearing is held with the PHL

Hit from behind game misconduct or match penalty: Player will be required to enroll in "head's up class". The team is also required to review safety protocols for 2 practices.

Rule 601(a-e) violations: result in a 2 game suspension

12 or more team penalties Rule 401(b): The Head Coach is suspended 1 game

3 or more team Major penalties Rule 411(b): The Head Coach is suspended 1 game

MATCH Penalty MP (not matching) Rule 405: 30 day suspension and hearing with MA Hockey and/or USAH

Suspensions: Any player or coach that receives a penalty resulting in a suspension must sit all games (league or non-league) until they serve the league suspension

USA Hockey

MA Hockey Annual Guide


game schedule

League games are scheduled by the PHL using Coaches and managers should register to enter any dates the team may need to block for tournaments, etc and to view schedule. Once the team game schedule is set, it will not be changed. Blackout dates must be entered prior to the league running the schedule.


There may be some unscheduled games after the league schedules games. These will be scheduled by the Outlaws based on the team availability listed in Any TBD games will be scheduled as soon as possible and may be added w/o input from the coaching staff.


In the unfortunate event a game needs to be cancelled, the team will be responsible for all costs associated with that game regardless of location. The PHL also imposes a $500 fine for late cancellations. Costs for games include: PHL fine, Ice cost (home or away), referees, time keeper. The cost for 1 game to be cancelled is estimated at $1,250 and will be billed to the team that requested the cancellation.

PHL Playoffs

Playoff Dates

14U, 15U, 16U and 18U teams

  • National Bound teams can expect playoffs the 1st weekend in November
  • Non-National Bound teams can expect playoffs the 3rd weekend in November

13U and younger

  • playoff games are generally held the 1st or 2nd weekend in March

Dates are subject to change year to year, check team calendar and league website for latest information

Player Eligibility

  • only officially rostered players who played in 60% of regular season league games are eligible for playoffs
  • parity games do not count as games played
  • games missed due to suspension do not count as games played

Playoff Rules

  • 3 periods per game
  • 15 minutes each period
  • each team (home/away) is allowed 1 time out per game
  • no running the clock
  • all teams must be prepared to play 15 minutes prior to scheduled game time
  • home team is the higher seeded and wears white game jerseys
  • overtime in semi-final and final games will be 5 minutes of 3 on 3
  • if there is no winner after overtime, a 3 man shootout will occur
  • any player in the penalty box at the end of regulation time is not eligible to play in overtime or shootout

PHL Teams

listed by state

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