Manager Requirements

Thank you to each Team Manager for taking on the lead role for the off-ice responsibilities. Managing a youth sport is incredibly rewarding, educational, and requires some dedication and work on your part. The Team Manager is fundamental to a team in serving as a liaison and creating the flow of communication within the team (coaches, players, and parents) and outside the team (tournament directors, outside team managers, etc.).

On behalf of the Outlaws staff, the Board of Directors, your coaches and your team we thank you for helping make this season a success.

USA Hockey Requirements

All Team Managers need to complete the following registrations and certifications for the Season:

Explanation on each requirement:

USA Hockey Registration: Annual registration with no cost for off-ice volunteers. You will receive an electronic copy of your registration from USA Hockey.

USA Hockey SafeSport Certification: A 90-minute video with tests.

  • The Safe Sport Training and Refresher Training are each valid for twelve (12) months beginning on 4/1/22. Safesport is now a yearly requirement and consists of a core course followed by three refresher courses. Every fourth year one must take the core course again.

Background Screen: Effective April 1, 2020, USA Hockey has instituted a national background screening program. The screening is required every two seasons. Background screening is done through NCSI and takes an average of 10 - 14 business days to be completed. Please plan ahead!  

** All requirements must be completed PRIOR to participating in any team activities and can not be added to a roster until completed **

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